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Stay Young: Play Poker Part V

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 20, 2013


Part I said that combining poker, diet, and exercise can help you to stay younger, healthier and smarter. Parts II-IV recommended ways to delay aging while preparing to play, choosing games and seats, and playing your cards. The next two articles discuss analyzing opponents. Many people believe are they’re so good at reading people that they don’t need to work at it. They probably aren’t that gifted, and — even if they great “feel” — they don’t read people as well as they could. And they certainly don’t exercise their brains enough to delay aging. Solving puzzles, especially challenging ones, is a great way to stimulate your brain and slow down aging. So regard opponents as fascinating puzzles: Who are they? How do they play? Why do they play that way? How are they playing differently now? Why? Part IV said a friend believed he could play only two ways. ...

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