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He Should Have Sucked Out

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Mar 20, 2013


Playing poker well demands accurately quantifying your risks versus your rewards. All decisions have effective odds, the estimated price you pay to proceed to a given point against the estimated amount you should win. You can’t possibly calculate an exact number for many decisions because the variables are immeasurable. But by doing some “rough justice” you can make reasonably accurate estimates of most situations. Just understanding this conceptually and trying hard to mathematically analyze all your poker decisions will develop your game. I was playing $40-$80 limit hold’em at the Bellagio. A loose-tourist raised upfront, folding the two players in between us. I looked down to the A K and three-bet. The small blind (SB) called the three-bets cold and Mr. Loose-Tourist tossed in the additional bet. We took the flop three-handed for $120, $400 in the pot. I swished the flop, nothing but net, the K K 2, they ...

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