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The Guru of Senior Poker — George Epstein Teaches the Game to Help

Elders Ward Off Boredom and Mental Decay

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Dec 26, 2012


While Oklahoma Johnny Hale may be the poster boy of senior poker, there is someone else deserving equal recognition. Perhaps even greater recognition, because George “The Engineer” Epstein’s motivation is not financial gain, but a desire to introduce and teach poker to his fellow seniors for its social and cognitive value, helping them to interact with other people and exercise their brains. “Doing so causes the synapses that connect the brain cells to flourish, making your mind healthier,” he maintains. “That might explain why none of our members has developed Alzheimer’s disease.”  Epstein, an 85-year-old retired aerospace engineer, is devoting his “second career” to poker. When he left his management position at The Aerospace Corp., where he helped the Air Force develop military defense satellites, he decided to apply his engineering and mathematical skills to the game. He has authored two books on poker which include his “Four Basic Rules” ...

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