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My Old Notebook

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Dec 26, 2012


I was back home in Chicago over the summer at my parents’ house and I came across an old notebook where I used to keep notes on hands that I had played. My guess is that these hands are from 2004-2005 and all of them are limit hold‘em. It’s pretty laughable how badly I played many of these hands and, yet, I was a winning player in these games. It really amazes me sometimes how much poker has progressed in this short amount of time. When you get some well-trained minds and well-programmed computers behind something, it really develops quickly. Besides being a more sophisticated poker player than I was eight years ago, I am also a more sophisticated hand recorder. I’ll do my best to discuss these hands as they were played, but it may be difficult because some of this stuff is hard to decipher (I also don’t ...

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