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The Fun of Open-Faced Chinese Poker

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Dec 26, 2012


I won’t discuss the rules here since that has been done elsewhere. If you are not familiar with the game, there’s an excellent brief video on the website under the “Strategy” heading which explains how to play. I highly recommend watching it. You could also Google “How to play Open-Faced Chinese Poker” and you will find the video. You may have read about this game in other Card Player articles or seen it discussed online. It’s gotten a lot of attention since pros have starting playing it for high stakes, but most of us aren’t pros and don’t play for high stakes. It doesn’t matter. Open-Faced Chinese Poker (OFCP) is a game for everyone, and I’ll give you several reasons why you’ll like it, even if you never play beyond your kitchen table. Casual players enjoy this game because: 1. It’s fairly easy to learn and play: That doesn’t ...

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