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Playing The Button

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: May 30, 2012


Bob CiaffoneEvery poker player looks forward to playing the button, which gives late position on the preflop betting round and last action on the three post-flop betting rounds. The deeper the money, the more the button is worth. Shortstacks tend to run out of money before the game runs out of betting rounds. If you lose a pot that leaves you shortstacked, you are better off reloading when your turn comes to play the button.

How deep should you be to have an appropriate size stack to play no-limit holdem? I think you need to have at least 40 times the big blind as an absolute minimum. 100 times the big blind is an ideal number. Naturally, the size of your bankroll plays a role in your stack size decision, as does your competence as a player. If buying in for 40 times the big blind is too steep for your bankroll, the game itself is too steep for your bankroll.

While it is nice to act last on all three post-flop betting rounds, be aware that in raised pots, the flop betting round is often key.

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