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The Scoop: Jason Koon

by Diego Cordovez |  Published: May 30, 2012


Jason KoonJason Koon is one of the prototypical young guns of the modern tournament poker world. Since his earliest cashes in 2008, Koon has gone on to capture eight titles and put together more than $2.5 million in lifetime earnings. Like many of this new-guard, Koon has shown more willingness then most his old-school predecessors to share the thought processes behind playing poker at a high level.

Koon stopped by the set of “The Scoop” to discuss in great detail the hand that eliminated him from the 2010 World Poker Tour Festa al Lago main event final table, where he finished fourth at his first ever WPT final table.

“I put a lot of thought into my bust hand. Randal Flowers and I were the chip leaders, and we were four-handed. The average chipstack was 20-25 big blinds as a result of the final table bubble taking so long. I had just doubled up re-shipping Q-J and was called by eights and won the flip to take the chip lead. I opened one hand light, he three-bet me and I folded for Randal to retake the chip lead.

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