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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


CPPT Golden Gates Event Begins Friday

This Friday, the Card Player Poker Tour will make its first ever trip to Black Hawk, Colorado to the Golden Gates Casino and Poker Parlour for a $600 buy-in event that runs from Jan. 19-21. ...

You’ve Got to Know When Not to Deceive Them Too

by Roy Cooke |  Published: May 16, 2012


Roy CookeIt’s one thing to know all the poker plays. It’s quite another thing, and significantly more complex to be able to correctly adapt those plays to the specific situation. The equity of any given play varies greatly depending upon the current situation’s composition. A bluff against a tight nit might have positive EV, but the same play in a similar situation against a calling station might have negative EV. The permutations of poker scenarios are infinite and can get very complex. Being able to accurately read the texture of the situation, knowing how it will play, and how the hands’ nuances will affect the equity of your play-selection choices is paramount to determining your best equity play. And it ain’t easy!

I’d just finished my session, booked a good win and was saying goodnight to a friend playing the adjoining $20-40 limit hold’em game. As I approached, he picked up the KHeart Suit KDiamond Suit on the button and flashed it to me. The field folded to the player to the right of the cuttoff, a $20-40 regular who fired an opening raise. A highly-aggressive tough young asian pro three-bet him in the cutoff and my friend flat called the three bets with his kings. Both blinds folded, Mr. Regular called and they took the flop three-handed.

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