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(Stack) Size Matters

by Adam Schoenfeld |  Published: May 16, 2012


Adam SchoenfeldWhen playing poker, it’s important to size up your opponents as quickly as possible. A fast way to do this is by simply checking on their stack sizes. Winners have been accumulating chips while losers have seen their stacks dwindle. This much is obvious.

But what do stack sizes really mean? Even at a brand new game, there’s information to be gleaned from the stacks. Better players tend to buy in for the table maximum at no-limit hold’em. They want to be able to use their superior skill to win the maximum when they are against inferior opponents. So, for example, at $2-$5 no-limit in Las Vegas, the buy-in is often capped at 100-150 big blinds. The minimum buy in will usually be $200.

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