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2011 World Series Of Poker Event No. 52 -- Part Two

Recapping A Bracelet Run

by Matt Matros |  Published: Sep 07, 2011


In the last column, I highlighted the bad beats and questionable decisions that led to my being whittled down to 625 in chips from a starting stack of 7,500 in the World Series of Poker mixed hold’em event (limit and no-limit), along with the two-outer that kept me alive and eventually got me back up to 3,900. When you win your showdowns, you get to stick around a while longer — and I won another one to move into more reasonable chip territory. Then, as if the tournament hadn’t been going oddly enough, I managed to double up with jack high unimproved. In no-limit, I opened for a small raise from middle position with J 9, and I got called by the player in the cutoff. The flop came down A-2-2 with two hearts, and I followed up with a continuation bet. My opponent raised and, since there weren’t too ...

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