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The Math Of Player Profiling

The Math Of Player Profiling

by Ed Miller |  Published: Sep 07, 2011


In my last article, “Sizing Up the Opposition,” I discussed how many players are too quick to give unknown opponents credit for having rare traits — aggressive postflop play, good hand reading, and so forth. This concept is critical, so I wanted to devote another couple of articles to it. The process of profiling opponents can be broken into two steps: formulate a hypothesis, then test the hypothesis through observation. “That guy across the table with the long beard is a calling station,” is a hypothesis. Though you may not have used the word “hypothesis” to describe it, in your time you’ve no doubt formulated many hypotheses like this one. After you have a hypothesis, you test the hypothesis with further observation. “He called a big river bet and showed bottom pair.” This observation supports the hypothesis. “He called a big river bet and mucked.” This observation also supports the ...

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