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Bubble Math

Bubble Math

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: Sep 07, 2011


The bubble of a tournament occurs when the number of players left is one more than the number that gets paid. Many players play tightly in hopes of making it past the bubble, while other players will try to take advantage of this and abuse the players who are folding frequently during this period. Some of these adjustments are correct, while others are misguided. Example No. 1 Four-handed bubble of a nine-player sit-and-go Blinds: 200-400 Stacks: Cutoff — 1,400 Button — 2,600 Small blind — 5,100 Big blind (Hero) — 4,400 Action: Everyone folds to the small blind, who shoves. Hero has a stack of 4,400 and holds A-8. He knows that the small blind is shoving a very wide range of hands, but he reasons that it’s not worth putting his stack at risk on the bubble. Question: Is Hero using correct reasoning? Answer: Yes, the general idea is ...

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