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Table Image -- Part One

Don't Waste Money On Advertising In Tournaments

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 07, 2011


In this column, I discuss the pros and cons of investing chips to create an image. In the next column or two, I will discuss in more detail the types of table images that exist and how you can create them. Table image can be a very powerful tool at the poker table, especially in ring games where you can expect to play a long session against the same opponents. However, when it comes to tournament play, trying to project a certain table image can oftentimes prove to be a futile endeavour. Your attempt might end up costing you precious chips now without gaining a later advantage, since you may be at a different table against different opponents a few minutes later. Many players try to project a table image that is exactly the opposite of how they actually play. Tight players might try to project a loose table image ...

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