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Ahead on the Turn — Part II

Ahead on the Turn — Part II

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Aug 10, 2011


In the last issue, we began discussing specific limit hold’em situations in which you are heads up on the turn, have the best possible hand, and your opponent bets (or raises) into you. We explored the factors that go into your decision to raise on the turn or wait to raise on the river. We listed the issues you need to consider: Will he bet the river? Might he improve to beat you? Might he fold to a raise on the turn? Some combination of these My last column provided an example and guidance for the first two (that column is available at This column continues the discussion. Might he fold to a raise on the turn? Even though your opponent bet, it does not mean he will call all the way to the river. In fact, a show of strength now may cause him to give up his ...

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