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Great Omaha Game in Indiana

Great Omaha Game in Indiana

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Aug 10, 2011


While attending the Spring National Bridge Championships held this year in Louisville, Kentucky, one of my “spies” informed me that there was a Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino with a big poker room about 20 minutes away on the Indiana side of the Ohio River. Later that evening, five of us ventured forth to this large Horseshoe Casino, where amidst many hold’em tables was a $500-$2,000 buy-in pot-limit Omaha game. Although the blinds were $2-$5, I quickly learned not to speculate in early position, because most of the hands were raised to $15 or $20 preflop. My first hour there was rather quiet, as I patiently waited for a good hand and flop. I did have to make one very tight fold with a second-nut flush, which saved me $130 (would have cost me a $400-plus win if I had been wrong). Finally, on my button, it was called around to me, ...

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