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What Are You Representing?

What Are You Representing?

by Ed Miller |  Published: Aug 10, 2011


A friend recently asked me about a hand he’d played. It was a $2-$5 no-limit hold’em game in Las Vegas. Two players limped in, and my friend made it $30 to go in the big blind with A K. Both players called; all three of them had about $500 behind. The flop came A 8 5. My friend bet $60 into the $92 pot, and one player called. The turn was the 7. My friend bet $120 into the $212 pot and again was called. The river was the Q. My friend shoved all in for $410 into the $452 pot. “I wanted to represent the flush,” he told me. I asked him a few questions. Why did he bet the flop? He said he bet because he thought he had the best hand, and players with worse aces or flush and straight draws would call. So far, so good. ...

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