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Hand 2 Hand Combat - Page Harris Builds the Pot for Value With Calculated Bet-Sizing Until the River Card Changes Everything

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 07, 2011


Event 2010 Fall Full Tilt Online Poker Series event No. 1 Buy-in: $200 Players in the Event: 4,500 First Place: $117,434 Finish: First The villain raises to 110,000 from the cutoff. Page “Pageh656” Harris reraises to 285,303 from the big blind with the A♣ Q♦. Craig Tapscott: You’re near the final-table bubble. What’s your read on the villain? And what’s your image been from his perspective? Page Harris: My opponent has been pressuring the table. My image was fairly aggressive. I had not been getting out of line much, besides three-bet folding a few times and trying to open some good spots. Having played with him for a couple of hours, I was sure that his opening range consisted of any suited hand and almost any playable offsuit hand. CT: When you look down at a pretty strong hand like A-Q, what options go through your mind moving forward? PH: ...

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