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2010 Poker Year in Review — Part I

A Jampacked First Half of the Year

by Ryan Lucchesi |  Published: Jan 07, 2011


The legal battle for poker’s future during the first half of 2010 was plagued by the anemic speed that often defines legislative action. There were many hearings, but few decisions were made to advance the game both in the United States and abroad. There were regional victories and defeats here and there, but for the most part, the major issues that will shape the future of the game remained in purgatory. On the felt, it was an entirely different matter. Tournament fields grew across the country and around the globe, casting a bright light on the future of the game. The year was punctuated by notable female players winning prestigious tournaments, and some of the biggest titles in the United States were claimed by names that had hovered just outside the limelight in previous years. Read on as Card Player recaps all of the major news and stories from the ...

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