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Hand 2 Hand Combat: Grayson Nichols Breaks Down How to Proceed According to Relative Position, Stack Sizes, and an Opponent’s Hand Range

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Nov 12, 2010


Event Mini-Full Tilt Online Poker Series main event Players in the Event: 15,527 Buy-in: $70 First Prize: $152,086 Finish: First Hand No. 1 Players at the Table: 9 Stacks: Grayson “The_Dean221” Nichols 5,972,350; Villain: 7,397,494 Blinds: 120,000-240,000 Antes: 30,000 Craig Tapscott: How close to the final table are we at this point? Grayson “The_Dean221” Nichols: We had just gotten down to 18 players and had begun play at a nine-handed table again after about 30 minutes of shorthanded play. During this time, I had been playing at the table with the villain, who is a very skilled regular. I had about an average stack of 25 big blinds. The villain had been playing solidly and aggressively during the past 30 minutes or so, and hadn’t been out of line at all up to this point. The villain raises to 480,000 from early position. The_Dean221 is to his immediate left with ...

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