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World Series of Poker Blues II

Day 1 bright spots

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: Nov 12, 2010


In my last column, “World Series of Poker Blues,” I discussed my slow demise in the main event from 35th place in chips after day 2 to busting out on day 4, out of the money. This column will look at some of the brighter spots from day 1. The Bluff Every year in the main event, there is usually a hand or two in which I may get a little too creative, get myself into trouble, and then either make a play that looks brilliant or donk off a lot of chips. The following hand was a little creative and a little lucky at the same time. First, here’s a little background: I was quite card-dead; I hadn’t been dealt a pocket pair higher than 9-9 the entire day. In addition, I was at a relatively tough table, especially for day 1, with several top pros sitting on both ...

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