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Tactical Wheels

Their use in the game of poker

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Nov 12, 2010


My three competitive passions in life have been poker, karate, and fencing. While they are three very different pursuits, they undeniably have something in common: When two people of comparable abilities face one another, the one who stays one step ahead of his opponent will prevail. To that end, fencing has something called the Tactical Wheel. The most basic one is illustrated in Diagram One. It is a useful tool for showing beginning fencers the progression of techniques that often takes place in a bout. That progression is as follows: 1. The simplest fencing action you can take is a direct attack. If it lands, you score the touch (point). 2. If your opponent anticipates your attack, he should counter it by parrying (blocking) your attack and then executing his own attack. 3. However, if you sense that your opponent is ready to parry your attack, the best thing for ...

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