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Top Pair as a Bluff Catcher

Ask yourself three questions

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jun 25, 2010


Top pair is a critical hold’em hand. It’s one that you’ll make frequently, and depending on the situation, its value can range from quite strong to nearly worthless. The large swing in its value from situation to situation also makes it tricky to play. If you aren’t keenly aware of how your top pair stacks up to the competition in each pot, you can get into trouble. Roughly speaking, top pair can take on one of two roles for you. It can behave as either a value hand or a bluff catcher, depending on the situation. In my next column, I’ll discuss playing top pair for value. This column discusses playing top pair as a bluff catcher. When Good Hands Go Bad Bluff catchers are not good hands. By definition, they’re good enough to beat only a bluff. They aren’t going to beat many — if any — of the ...

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