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Generation Next -- Dylan Hortin

Dylan Hortin Cites Bankroll Management as a Key to $1.2 Million in Online Cashes

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 25, 2010


Dylan Hortin lives life on his own terms. High-school graduation happened in three years, not four, for the aspiring entrepreneur. Why waste any time? Scholarship offers came next. He chose the University of Arizona, and enrolled in business school. With eight months to kill before college began, he thought it would be a golden opportunity to make some money playing poker. It was a game that he became enthralled with from watching episodes of ESPN’s World Series of Poker. Watching the game’s elite battle on television was Hortin’s poker training ground. He approached poker like an encrypted code to decipher, never resorting to books, training videos, or online forums. As a totally self-taught player, Hortin went through many phases with his game, from super-tight to super-maniac, fluctuating everywhere in between. Today, he considers his game a hybrid of all of the above, and applies whatever style it takes to accumulate ...

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