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Preflop Raises in Limit Hold’em: Part II

To build a pot

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Jun 25, 2010


In my column last issue, we took a general look at preflop raising, and the primary reasons for raising before the flop: 1. To build a pot 2. To win the blinds 3. To gain position 4. To gain control of the post-flop betting 5. To isolate an opponent 6. To create a false impression We now will take a look at each of these reasons, with this column focusing specifically on the first — to build a pot. Specifically, I will discuss how and when to raise, and when not to do so. When you ask most players, they say that nearly all of their raises are to make the pot bigger. That’s a good reason, but certainly not the only one. When to raise: Many players will say that you should raise to make the pot bigger because you are a favorite to win it. That is a ...

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