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Playing Under the Gun?

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Jun 01, 2010


It made headline news when masked robbers burst into the European Poker Tour Berlin in March, unsurprisingly. The initial report I saw on TV may have referred to “the jackpot” as having been stolen, which is somewhat confusing in poker terms, but it’s quite a good word really for the large sums of cash floating around the modern top-end poker circuit. Six and even seven-figure prize pools were always going to be attractive to more than the tournaments participants, and questions about the security of the live game are being raised almost as often in this heist’s aftermath as those concerning the largely unregulated ocean of virtual money wagered and stored on the Internet. Modern casinos appear to be tough places to rob, what with the eyes all over the sky, the security teams everywhere and the fortress-like cashier’s desk, but more and more often these days the purpose-built casinos ...

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