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L.A. Poker Classic 2010 — Part II

A three-day ride, but …

by Todd Brunson |  Published: Jun 01, 2010


Day two of the L.A. Poker Classic started out pretty slow for me. I started the day with 35,000 in chips, and another player at my table started with 1,000. He kept going all in, and I tried him twice. Once, when the blinds were 500-1,000, he moved in for 3,600 and I called with pocket fours, only to see his pocket tens. And the other time, I raised to 2,800 and he made it 6,000. I called with A-10 suited and lost to his pocket queens. After that, I left Mr. All In alone and went after some softer players — as well as his blinds, of course. I hovered around my original 35,000 for a few hours, when this hand developed with David Singer. He was to my immediate left, and I had stolen the blinds every time that it was mucked to me on the button. Once ...

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