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Pros Speak Out About Data Mining

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jun 01, 2010


Following on from last month’s article about data mining, we decided to ask a selection of players their thoughts on what has become a very sensitive issue. Each player was asked if they use online poker tracking tools and if they felt people should be allowed to data mine; is it good or bad for the game, does it change the game at all, and what was their opinion of sites taking action against it. This resulted in a surprisingly mixed reaction. Brandon Schaefer Of course I use poker trackers and download hands. It’s part of the online game and you’re at a big disadvantage if you don’t use them. I definitely think people should be allowed to keep track of hands. There are many reasons but the main reason, in my opinion, is that it’s nearly impossible to stop people from doing it. Why have an unenforceable rule? I ...

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