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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Paul Zimbler

A Full House at the Irish Open

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jun 01, 2010


Event: Cash game at Irish Open 2010 Blinds: €2-€5 Game: No-limit hold’em Paul Zimbler: I’m in the big blind and there has been a straddle from a rock. The player under the gun plus one (UTG +1) has made a raise. I find 10 7. I know this isn’t good but I decide to see a flop. I have to call €25 into a pot of about €130. There are four callers in total. Pot: €150. Flop: 8 7 4 Zimbler checks. UTG checks. UTG + 1 bets €50. Folded to Zimbler who calls, as does UTG. Rebecca McAdam: What is the reason behind you calling the bet post-flop — do you think you are ahead or do you believe that regardless you can outplay them? PZ: I have recently had some connection to 10-7. I nearly passed it as I was out off position but I am able to ...

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