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The Rise and Fall of a Big Draw

by Daragh Thomas |  Published: Jun 01, 2010


There are many areas in poker in which even good players frequently make mistakes. In fact as the games have gotten tougher it is these types of mistakes that determine whether a player will be a winner or a loser. One very common mistake that all players make, from bad to good, is vastly overestimating their implied odds. Implied odds are just like pot odds, but take into account possible bets on future streets. Think about the steps that all have to be in place for this to work. 1) You have to make your draw. 2) If you make your draw, it must be the best hand — it’s not always possible to draw to the nuts, and a lot of draws contain both nut and non-nut outs. 3) Your hand must stand up — it’s not much use making a flush on the turn if the river gives ...

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