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The Online Poker Katamari

by Jennifer Mason |  Published: Mar 01, 2010


Online poker software options in the 21st century can now be divided into those which still welcome U.S. players, and those which don’t. You’d be forgiven for thinking that because the majority of European players have a free choice of sites that their options were vastly wider than those of their American counterparts, but actually they’re shrinking, as the “Katamari” phenomenon increasingly condenses liquidity into larger multi-skin hubs, and the big U.S.-friendly sites get slicker, richer, and more promotion-savvy. Katamari, for those who skipped the PlayStation 2’s more esoteric game range, or who don’t have an iPhone, is a bizarre game in which the task repeatedly set is to roll an adhesive ball over everything in sight, gradually accumulating larger and larger items until it can absorb the sun. It’s odd, addictive, and strangely satisfying to start with a couple of paperclips and end up with whole towns stuck to ...

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