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Pessimistic Players

by Roy Brindley |  Published: Mar 01, 2010


Tournament Poker is a strange beast. Poker’s history books are littered with one-off wonders; big tournament winners who have disappeared into obscurity. Amusingly there is also a continuous stream of players who can boast a sizeable payday in the not too distant past and are now sighted chasing further glory in every far-flung corner of Europe and beyond. That continues until their bankroll dries up and they are forced to return to the £50 games at their local casino. It happens all too often. But some stand the test of time, returning month-in, month-out to do battle in Europe’s biggest events. Among these players are those with outstanding corporate sponsorship deals that give them free entry into sizeable events on a freeroll basis. You would imagine, with the strain of entry fees removed, such players would hold a big advantage over those that are risking their own hard earned cash. ...

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