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by Aidan Elder |  Published: Mar 01, 2010


Champions League We’ve already seen the Champions League winners. They may not have looked like winners at the time, but we have witnessed them in action — impressive or otherwise. With the field whittled down to 16 teams and the chaff eliminated or, even worse, relegated to the Europa League, we now try to identify the team that will lift that famous trophy in the Santiago Bernabéu next May. To the cynical mind, the league element of the competition does little but almost guarantee safe passage for the bigger clubs and secure several big TV paydays for UEFA. From a betting point of view, the league can be dangerous. Some people witness something impressive in September or October and presume that level of form will continue throughout the season. More often than not, it won’t. Based on the clearest evidence we have at hand, bookmakers, and exchange layers tend to ...

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