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Piper on Pot-Limit Omaha

by Michael Piper |  Published: Mar 01, 2010


Check or Bet? Pot-limit Omaha is a fascinating game. One reason is that equities run much closer together than in hold’em, and it’s often difficult to determine whether to check or bet in any given spot. Will your opponent call you with a worse hand? Will he check-raise, forcing you off your hand? From an early stage in our poker career, we’re taught to continuation bet (c-bet) with a high frequency, but in today’s tough, aggressive games, the c-bet doesn’t get as much respect as it used to. How, then, should you adjust your play? Betting Strategy Especially in a live setting, you’ll often hear people say, “I had to bet to find out where I am.” This practice is known as betting for information, and is usually done with a marginal hand. If your opponent calls or raises, you know you’re beat. The problem is that these bets are ...

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