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Adapting to Variations in the Rules

One player’s thoughts

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Feb 05, 2010


Poker tournaments at Bellagio in Las Vegas are always a pleasure. The Fontana Room is a beautiful venue, with a great view of the “lagoon” and fountains outside. The dealers are generally more competent than most tournament dealers. The house takes less than most other casinos do, and still provides free buffets to players who make it to the dinner break. And, many playing days go from noon to around 9 p.m., followed by dinner. Late entries: One of the most popular rules innovations of recent times has been to allow players to enter a tournament late without penalty. I was first exposed to this idea in a conversation with Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer several years ago. I’m not sure who suggested it, but we all agreed that it would be great. The World Series of Poker tried it, and it was an immediate hit with the players. Suddenly, ...

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