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Lessons With Jeff Shulman — Part IV

Defending a fold of A-K

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Feb 05, 2010


In my last few columns, I have been revealing my “lesson plan” for Jeff Shulman at the World Series of Poker “November Nine” final table. Basically, I advised that with 20 million in chips, blinds of 120,000-240,000, and a 20,000 ante, he play extremely tight, with five-times-the-big-blind opening bets when he did enter a pot. Barry Shulman, Jeff’s father, had just won the World Series of Poker Europe by using an extremely tight strategy, and the three of us agreed that this was the best way to play. By the way, I correctly predicted that Phil Ivey would also use this strategy (the Shulmans, Ivey, and I all like the super-tight tactic). I mean, why wouldn’t both Ivey and Shulman use this tactic? Why gamble? Shulman and Ivey were the best players, so why not be patient and wait for a great situation to come up? Why not wait for ...

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