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Heads Up With Scott Fischman and Steve Zolotow

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: Feb 05, 2010


Scott Fischman got his poker upbringing online, and is known for his sit-and-go skill. He recently sat down with Card Player TV to talk about six-handed sit-and-go strategy. Kristy Arnett: Players are mostly familiar with nine-handed sit-and-go strategy. What should those players who are making the transition from nine-handed to six-handed sit-and-gos keep in mind? Scott Fischman: I think you have to keep in mind the structure difference, and the range differences and hand choices. It’s just a different game. Don’t even pretend that it’s the same thing. KA: General sit-and-go strategy is to play tight early and aggressive when shorthanded, but in six-max sit-and-gos, you start shorthanded. Should you play aggressively, as you would in a nine-handed sit-and-go once it gets down to six, or should you still start out playing tight? SF: Definitely start out playing tight, but other people are going to play really loose from the ...

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