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A Tough Spot With Two Pair

by Mike Watson |  Published: Jan 22, 2010


Game $50-$100, $4,000-cap pot-limit Omaha Opponent Full Tilt professional Richard Ashby Stacks $7,541 (Watson); $30,123.56 (Ashby) My Cards J A 10 8 My Position Button Two pair can be a difficult hand to play in pot-limit Omaha, and even more difficult when you’re up against world-class talent. But, with some deductive reasoning, you can often figure out if your hand is best, and make a good call or fold. In this column, I’m going to review a difficult two-pair hand that I played recently, and we’ll see how hand reading comes into play. I was playing $50-$100, $4,000-cap pot-limit Omaha (CAP PLO) online. In CAP games, CAP represents the maximum amount of money that a player can commit to the pot in a single hand. This means that even though you may have $10,000 in front of you, you can commit a maximum of only $4,000. A weak player limped ...

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