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Winners Attack Weak Players

To maximize winnings, become a predator

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Aug 07, 2009


Poker is a predatory game, and all successful predators attack the weak. If wolves and lions did not attack weak prey, they would starve. So, they pick on babies, cripples, and pregnant females. You may dislike thinking of yourself as a predator, but if you don’t act like one, you won’t make much money. Worse yet, if you attack stronger players, you will lose. Of course, if you have the best hand, you should attack anybody, but you need a much better hand against strong players. They will usually have good cards and will play them well, while weak players often have poor cards and misplay them. Winners always see who has entered the pot before committing themselves. If a strong player is already in, they may fold cards that they normally would play. If only weak players are in, they may raise with weaker hands than usual to keep ...

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