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Keep Your Bluff in Order

by Dani Stern |  Published: Aug 07, 2009


In my recent videos for Card Player Pro, I’ve reviewed several high-stakes sessions with the help of another top online poker professional — Aaron “aejones” Jones. Together, we’ve looked at some big hands that I’ve played at high stakes, and each given our strategy perspectives on the hands. This hand comes from one of our online session reviews. I opened with the 5 5 to $30 from the cutoff in a $5-$10 no-limit hold’em game with an ante. The button, a talented, aggressive regular, reraised me to $110, and the big blind, an unknown, flat-called $110. The action was back to me. Aaron and I discussed what we should do preflop. We both agreed that with a stack of 200 big blinds and a multiway pot, we can call the reraise and hope to flop a set. However, calling here isn’t always “standard.” So many players see a pocket pair ...

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