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Limit Hold’em Player’s Mistakes in No-Limit Hold’em

A student’s miscues in making the transition

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Jun 11, 2009


A short while ago, I wrote a column discussing the types of errors we often see from a player who learns limit hold’em before taking up no-limit play. This column will follow up on that previous one by discussing hands in which a student of mine who is a good limit player has trouble making the transition to no-limit. In limit hold’em, when you have a big pocket pair and flop an overpair on a dangerous board, the normal play is to bet it, because you will pay only a small price if you run into flak. It is usually better to run a risk than give a free card. In no-limit, when facing multiple opponents, you are not under contract to bet whenever you flop an overpair on a dangerous board. Look at this hand from my student. Student: “I am playing in a $1-$2 blinds game in a ...

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