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Flexible Thinking

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Jun 11, 2009


In a $5-$10 heads-up match, I raised to $30 with the J 5 on the button, and my opponent called from the big blind. He had about $1,500, and I had him covered. The flop came Q 5 4, giving me middle pair. I bet $44 with my middle pair, which is actually a very strong hand here. I would bet almost anything, so this is toward the top of my range, and I think my opponent will call with any pair, some draws, and maybe even ace high. When he raises to $166, I am not thrilled. This opponent was not the type to make a play with nothing, nor did I think he would turn a hand with showdown value into a bluff. In other words, he wouldn’t be making a pot-sized check-raise here with middle pair. He wouldn’t expect me to call with many worse hands, and ...

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