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Hevad "RainKhan" Khan Eliminated Sixth

Khannnnnnnnnnnn! Takes Home $956,243, Dances.

RainKhan Eliminated

Jerry Yang raises to $1.5 million from middle position, and PokerStars qualifier Hevad "RainKhan" Khan reraises to $6 million from the small blind. He leaves himself less than $3.5 million behind . Yang goes into the tank, then elects to make the call. Prior to the flop, Khan moves all in dark, putting the pressure on Yang. The flop comes K 4 2, and the action is on Yang. He needs less than a minute, then makes the call with J J. Khan turns over A Q, and his spectators erupt in pleas for the turn to match. The turn comes 3 and Khan picks up four more outs. He misses when the river comes 3 and he is eliminated in sixth place for a payday just under a million dollars. Yang has so far eliminated every player who has gone out at the final table.