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Save Now With Once-A-Year Black Friday Special on Advanced Poker Training!

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It’s time to get your Holiday shopping started (if only for yourself!) Through Card Player’s partnership with Advanced Poker Training (APT), we are able to offer you a massive Black Friday price break that will be gone for another year in just 72 hours. Keep reading!

With more than 50,000 members from 175 countries since 2009, Advanced Poker Training is the world’s no. 1 poker training site. Card Player recently wrote a cover story about its founders, Allen and Steve Blay, and how they have revolutionized the science of poker training.

Mike Caro called APT, “The quickest path from beginner to world-class poker.” Alex Fitzgerald, who has possibly coached more poker students than anyone on earth, said “Advanced Poker Training will help you become the player you were meant to be.”

What does APT have to offer that other poker training sites don’t? It’s hard to even begin to list all the features, but here are our top 10:

  1. Play up to 500 hands per hour in a no-limit hold’em poker training game, featuring simulated 9-max cash games, 6-max, Sit-N-Gos, Multi-Table Tournaments, and even Heads-Up. No more waiting for slow opponents! You can customize the software to match your home game or the structure of your favorite Multi-Table Tournament.
  2. Train by playing any starting hand (such as pocket jacks) over and over. Trouble playing from the big blind? “Freeze the button” and you’ll always be dealt into the big blind.
  3. Every hand you play is automatically saved to your own personal online database, forever. Sort, filter, and watch a video replay of any hand you’ve ever played on APT.
  4. “Beat the Pro” Challenges allow you to compare your skills against “The Mad Genius of Poker” Mike Caro, “The Prince of Poker” Scotty Nguyen, WPT champions David Williams, Jonathan Little, Scott Clements, poker author Ed Miller, and more! Afterwards, listen to play-by-play audio commentary from the pro as they play the same hands you just played, and explain their thought process.
  5. 28 different advisers to watch you play in real-time, and give suggestions. Even get the advice of all 28 advisers at once!
  6. A weekly training plan that analyzes the most important areas in which you should be practicing, to take your game to the next level. Visual Training Reports covering every facet of your poker skills, even an analysis of how lucky you’ve been!
  7. A “Combat Trainer” which will prepare you for common tricky scenarios (such as raising with Ace-King and missing the flop), allowing you to play them over and over again in order to develop a sophisticated strategy for each situation. New This Month: Tournament Combat Trainers to aid in dealing with pre-flop aggression, featuring poker coach Kenna James.
  8. Retry any hand you’ve ever played on APT – perfect for testing out alternate strategies.
  9. Daily live tournaments and simulated cash games against other APT members.
  10. Odds tool, tournament chop (ICM) tool, shove/fold calculator, starting hand charts, “What’s the Nuts?” and “The Upper Hand” intense training games, and SO MUCH MORE!

So, this Black Friday treat yourself to the best poker training around. Just use the special offer code CP2020 to get six months of training for only $99, or a whole year for $149! Considering that the regular price is $40 per month, this is a colossal discount. And in 72 hours this price will be gone and not repeated until next year (if ever).

To get started, just visit APT and click the ‘start training’ button, then enter the offer code CP2020 above on the payment page.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Card Player, and may 2020 be your best poker year yet!