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Card Player Poker Tour Choctaw Results: Events 4 & 7-12

Take a Look at the Latest Results


The fourth stop of Season III of the Card Player Poker Tour kicked off at Choctaw Resort Casino in Durant, Oklahoma April 2. The series will continue until April 12 and feature a $1,080 no-limit hold’em $300,000 guarantee main event April 10-12.

Here is a look at the latest results:

Andrew YowlerEvent No. 4: No-Limit Hold’em $100,000 Guarantee
Buy In: $125
Entrants: 1,624
Prize Pool: $157,528

Rank Name Winnings
1st Andrew Yowler $30,700
2nd Robert Maas $18,982
3rd Daniel Jones $13,982
4th Cody Tooker $10,435
5th Davies King $7,889
6th Jason Gooch $6,041
7th $4,685
8th Krissi McFarland $3,678
9th Reza Abouk $2,924

Daniel HughesEvent No. 7: No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $240
Entrants: 167
Prize Pool: $32,398

Rank Name Winnings
1st Daniel Hughes $8,715
2nd John Barrientes $5,406
3rd Charles Barker $3,891
4th Richard Artificavitch $2,852
5th Charles Belcher $2,127
6th Badr Imejjane $1,614
7th Tai Du $1,246
8th Wesley Belding $977
9th Julie Than $779

Event No. 8: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $125
Entrants: 61
Prize Pool: $5,917

Rank Name Winnings
1st JN Hart $2,070
2nd Helen Bivin $1,280
3rd Wilhelmina Ramirez $849
4th Marsha Adams $601
5th Tanja Barrett $452
6th Barbara Sargent $361
7th Wakana Jackson $304

Raymond SpeckEvent No. 9:No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $125
Entrants: 94
Prize Pool: $9,118

Rank Name Winnings
1st Raymond Speck $2,736
2nd Brennan Benglis $1,691
3rd William Hundley $1,204
4th Casey Bretz $874
5th Juan Luis Elizondo-Rico $648
6th Virginia Perry $489
7th James Busoul $376
8th Scott Permann $295
9th Trung Quoc Ngo $235

Justin BondEvent No. 10:No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $240
Entrants: 165
Prize Pool: $32,010

Rank Name Winnings
1st Justin Bond $8,644
2nd Robert Miller, Jr $5,341
3rd Jason Gooch $3,845
4th Richard Roberts $2,818
5th Donald Fittsgill $2,102
6th Eric Thompson $1,595
7th Darrell Smith $1,231
8th Marcus Kwan $966
9th James Carroll $770

Joshua BillingsleyEvent No. 11:Pot-Limti Omaha Hi-Lo
Buy In: $240
Entrants: 72
Prize Pool: $13,968

Rank Name Winnings
1st Joshua Billingsley $4,750
2nd Charles Witherspoon $2,938
3rd William Richeson, Jr $1,934
4th Chan Pelton $1,354
5th Kenric White $1,003
6th Joshua Pender $785
7th Kurt Haiis $646
8th Patrick Knight $558

Jonathan BennettEvent No. 12:No-Limit Hold’em
Buy In: $125
Entrants: 111
Prize Pool: $10,767

Rank Name Winnings
1st Jonathan Bennett $3,231
2nd Shawn Rice $1,996
3rd Justin Kruger $1,421
4th Zachary Kauffman $1,033
5th Manish Parekh $765
6th Lisa Schuessler $577
7th Leslie Jones $444
8th Jerry Hodge $348
9th Juan Luis Elizondo-Rico $277

With over 4,000 machines, table games and an exclusive poker room Choctaw Resort Casino is the closest casino resort to the Dallas metropolitan area. The Choctaw Grand Tower has 330 AAA Four Diamond rooms and an additional 160 well-appointed rooms in the Choctaw Inn and Lodge. The poker room is located on its own floor and features 30 tables with private staff and services.

For more information about the CPPT, click here.