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CPTV Video Spotlight -- Jason Somerville On Floating In No-Limit Hold'em

Poker Pro Gives Insight On Calling Without A Strong Hand To Bluff Later


Jason SomervilleJason Somerville is not shy about sharing his experience and insight into the game of poker. In fact the 27-year-old poker pro hosts an online poker show called “Run It UP!” in which he gives away free in depth analysis of his play as he attempts to turn $50 into $10,000 playing online poker.

Somerville has top-notch credentials to recommend his strategy advice, having amassed nearly $3.9 million in live tournament earnings and another seven figures in online scores already in his young career.

Card Player TV recently caught up with him at the 2014 World Series of Poker to ask him for some advice about floating, or calling without much of a hand with the intention of bluffing or semi-bluffing later streets if unimproved.

“If somebody wanted to understand what floating was, I would say it’s the concept of calling with a hand that’s not quite a made hand, like a gutshot or you have a hand that is pure air with two overcards or that kind of thing. You are calling in position to see what happens. You can float out of position as well, but that’s an advanced play,” said Somerville. “The general concept is that you think somebody is light (weak) but you don’t want to raise because raising wouldn’t make any sense. You want to represent a class of hands that’s good but not necessarily super good because that class of hand is hard to have. So you just call and see what happens. Maybe the turn card is something scary, maybe the guy just checks and gives up. So you are kind of just waiting to see what happens.”

In the video Somerville also discusses the type of situations and players you might want to float and when you might want to avoid this tactic. Check out the full video below: