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World Series of Poker -- Daniel Idema Wins $10,000 Limit Hold'em Championship

Idema Takes Home $378,642 in Prize Money and his First Gold Bracelet


Dan Idema WinsThe 2011 World Series of Poker awarded its third bracelet on Friday when Dan Idema captured the gold in Event No. 27 ($10,000 limit hold’em championship). The tournament attracted a talented field of 152 players and at the end of play Idema took home his first gold bracelet and $378,642. Idema came quite close to achieving this same goal in 2010 when he made a run all the way to second place before busting out of the $10,000 limit hold’em event.

“I felt very fortunate to get there last year and this year, as well. Last year, I got very unlucky when we got heads-up. Mind you, I ran very well to get heads-up. I would say it is a surreal experience. It really hasn’t all sunk in yet,” said Idema after the victory. He also had this to say about the high quality of opponents he faced in the tournament, “There were a lot of big-name pros. It was a bit intimidating in such a field on the last day. I was very happy and fortunate to be here.”

Idema defeated Matthew Gallin heads-up for the title and the final table included multiple-bracelet winner Barry Greenstein, Justin Smith, Isaac Haxton, and Nick Schulman.

Here is a look at the elimination hands as featured on’s summary reports:

Nick Schulman Eliminated in 9th Place ($35,519)Nick Schulman

Nick Schulman started the official nine-handed final table on the short stack and was the first one eliminated. He opened for a raise before the flop, Steve Landfish reraised from the button, Barry Greenstein called three-bets from the big blind and Schulman called the raise.

The flop came 8Diamond Suit 7Club Suit 4Diamond Suit, Greenstein bet, Schulman raised, Landfish folded, Greenstein three-bet, Schulman raised all in and Greenstein called.

Schulman showed 9Spade Suit 9Heart Suit for an overpair while Greenstein showed 7Spade Suit 7Heart Suit for middle set.

The turn and river were the 4Heart Suit and the 8Club Suit, giving Greenstein a full house on the turn. Greenstein raked the pot and moved up to over 500,000 this hand while Nick Schulman was eliminated in 9th place ($35,519).

Richard Brodie Eliminated in 8th Place ($44,207)
Richard Brodie

Still short after his previous double up with Isaac Haxton, Richard Brodie was all in pre-flop with QHeart Suit 4Heart Suit against Barry Greenstein’s AHeart Suit 8Club Suit.

The board came 9Diamond Suit 3Heart Suit 2Spade Suit 10Spade Suit 8Spade Suit, giving Greenstein middle pair on the river. Greenstein moved up to 700,000 this hand while Richard Brodie was eliminated in 8th place ($44,207).

Isaac Haxton Eliminated in 7th Place ($55,908)

Isaac Haxton started the level as one of the short stacks but managed to double through Barry Greenstein about halfway through the level to stay alive. Still short, he opened for a raise before the flop when Steve Landfish reraised and Haxton called all in.

Haxton turned over 10Diamond Suit 10Club Suit for the lead while Landfish showed ADiamond Suit JDiamond Suit for the draw.

The board came QDiamond Suit 7Club Suit 2Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit KSpade Suit, giving Landfish a flush on the turn. Landfish moved up to over 800,000 that hand while Isaac Haxton was eliminated in 7th place ($55,908).

Justin SmithJustin Smith Eliminated in 6th Place ($71,897)

Justin Smith lost a lot of his chips to Barry Greenstein early in the level after Greenstein doubled through by hitting a flush on the turn. The two players essentially traded stacks that hand; Greenstein up to 300,000 and Smith left on the short stack with 120,000.

Shortly after, Smith open-shoved the small blind and Barry Greenstein called from the big blind.

Greenstein lead with AHeart Suit JDiamond Suit against Smith’s 8Spade Suit 5Heart Suit.

The board came 10Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit 10Spade Suit 7Spade Suit, no help to either player as Justin Smith was eliminated in 6th place ($71,897).

Domenico Denotaristefani Eliminated in 5th Place ($94,029)Domenico Denotaristefani

Domenico Denotaristefani button-raised, Steve Landfish reraised the small blind and Denotaristefani called.

The flop came 7Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit, Landfish bet, Denotaristefani raised, Landfish three-bet and Denotaristefani called all in.

Landfish turned over 9Heart Suit 9Club Suit for an overpair while Denotaristefani showed 4Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit for bottom set.

Landfish was ahead before the flop but Denotaristefani spiked a four for a set. Landfish however hit the 9Spade Suit on the river to make a better set and Domenico Denotaristefani was eliminated in 5th place ($94,029).

Steve Landfish Eliminated in 4th Place ($125,120)

Steve Landfish was all in before the flop with ASpade Suit QHeart Suit against Matthew Gallin’s AHeart Suit ADiamond Suit.

The board came 9Club Suit 7Spade Suit 4Heart Suit 5Club Suit 5Spade Suit, no help for Steve Landfish who was eliminated in 4th place ($125,120).

Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 3rd Place ($169,512)Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein was on the serious short stack with just 3.5 BBs when he got it all in on a flop of 4Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit 3Club Suit against Matthew Gallin.

Greenstein was ahead with QClub Suit 10Diamond Suit against Gallin’s 10Spade Suit 5Spade Suit.

The turn and river were the AHeart Suit and the 5Heart Suit, giving Gallin two pair on the river. Barry Greenstein was eliminated in 3rd place ($169,512).

Daniel IdemaMatthew Gallin Eliminated in 2nd Place ($233,944)

Daniel Idema started the final level as the chip leader and less than an hour later he was the last one standing. After taking a major hit to his stack in the previous hand, Matthew Gallin made his final stand with QDiamond Suit QClub Suit.

Matthew Gallin button-raised before the flop and Daniel Idema called from the big blind.

The flop came JHeart Suit 7Club Suit 3Heart Suit, Idema checked, Gallin bet, Idema check-raised and Gallin called all in.

Idema turned over JClub Suit 3Club Suit for two pair on the flop and was now ahead of Gallin’s queens. The turn and river were the 8Club Suit and the 5Diamond Suit, no help to Matthew Gallin who was eliminated in 2nd place ($233,944). Daniel Idema wins the gold Bracelet for Event #27 and the $378,642 grand prize.