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Thoughts On Game Theory: Part 10

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 04, 2019


The last few columns have discussed in some detail what you should do heads up on the river in position after your opponent has checked. Basically, we divided this situation into three subdivisions or buckets. In general, the procedure of subdividing complex situations makes impossibly complicated analysis more manageable. 1. Hands to bet for value 2. Hands to bluff (assuming a pot sized bet, there should be about half as many hands as 1.) 3. Hands to check back (hands in this bucket range from hands that might win a showdown, but aren’t worth a value bet down to garbage in spots where you don’t think your opponent will fold often enough to make a bluff profitable.) Now let’s see what game theory tells about a slightly more complicated situation. This is when you are heads up on the river and out of position. Once again, we will divide the ...

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