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Vyacheslav Stoyanov Wins 2019 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino Main Event

32-Year-Old Poker Pro Turns $330 Satellite Buy-In Into $108,480 Payday

by Erik Fast |  Published: Dec 04, 2019


Vyacheslav Stoyanov has won the 2019 Card Player Poker Tour Bicycle Hotel & Casino $1,100 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event. The 32-year-old Moldovan poker pro outlasted a field of 507 total entries to secure the title and a payout of $108,480 after striking a deal heads-up with World Series of Poker bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki. Stoyanov earned his first six-figure live tournament payday as the champion of this event, but the cash game specialist nearly didn’t enter the event.

“I came from Las Vegas to the Bike for this trip to play cash games. I didn’t plan to play any tournaments, but my friend wanted me to play so badly. We went to the poker room and the manager told us about a $330 satellite.” said Stoyanov, who turned that $330 into a $1,100 seat in this event, and then cashed for the largest score of his career. “It was a very good experience. I really enjoyed this time here.”

Stoyanov was one of 478 entries made in this event’s three starting flights. He made it to day 2 as one of the shorter stacks in the room with 52,000. The 117 starting flight survivors were joined by 29 day 2 direct entry players, each of whom took advantage of this event’s Quantum Tournament structure and bought in for $4,300 and received 120,000 in chips. These late additions helped see the $500,000 guarantee for this event easily surpassed, with a final total of $594,000 eventually doled out to the 63 top finishers in this event.

Stoyanov managed to chip up to fourth place by the time day 2 came to a close. Joining him in the final 12 players were a number of accomplished poker professionals, including 2017 WSOP $1,500 no-limit hold’em bracelet winner Chris Klodnicki, two-time World Poker Tour main event winner Marvin Rettenmaier, Los Angeles regular local Peter Hengsakul and chip leader Jim Collopy.

Marvin RettenmaierRettenmaier was ultimately eliminated on the final table bubble when his pocket sevens ran into the pocket aces of Nicky Komphouvong. The German was unable to come from behind and was sent to the rail in tenth place ($7,720).

Jim Collopy took the chip lead into the final table. Peter Hengsukal scored the first knockout when Zaher Samaan got his last chips in with AClub Suit4Spade Suit against Hengsukal’s ASpade SuitKHeart Suit. Samaan never caught up and was eliminated in ninth place, taking home $11,285 for his efforts.

Daniel Shea’s run in this event came to an end when he lost a battle of the blinds with 8Spade Suit7Spade Suit against the KDiamond Suit10Heart Suit of Stoyanov. King high proved to be enough to take down the pot by the river, and Shea was busted in eighth place ($15,565).

While Nicky Komphouvong had picked up aces against a smaller pair earlier, he had the tables turned on him during seven-handed action. Komphouvong got his last chips in with JHeart SuitJDiamond Suit and was called by the AHeart SuitADiamond Suit of Chris Klodnicki. The aces held and Komphouvong was knocked out in seventh place ($20,315).

Tarun Ravi also fell at the hands of Klodnicki. He shoved for less than 6 big blinds from the small blind with AClub Suit7Spade Suit and Klodnicki called from the big blind with QHeart Suit4Heart Suit. Klodnicki paired his four on the turn and that was enough to lock up the pot. Ravi finished sixth for $25,840.

Jim CollopyJim Collopy finished fifth in this event in 2018. He made it back to the final table and seemed poised to improve on that showing in 2019, but his run came to a close when he shoved AClub Suit9Spade Suit from the small blind and got snap-called by the ADiamond SuitKDiamond Suit of Peter Hengsakul. The board gave Hengsakul kings full of deuces by the end, and Collopy earned his second consecutive fifth-place finish in this event. The $32,195 he earned brought his career live tournament earnings to $2,445,161.

Brendon Williams won his way into this event on Global Poker, alongside 29 other qualifiers. While nine of these players made it to day 2, and several made the money, only Williams moved on to the final day of action. The Canadian from Lake Cowichan made it all the way down to the final four, but ended up getting all-in with 9Diamond Suit7Diamond Suit on a 8Heart Suit8Club Suit7Spade Suit flop, only to run into the QHeart Suit8Spade Suit of Chris Klodnicki. Williams was drawing dead by the turn. He cashed for $39,680 as the fourth-place finisher, after having earned his seat for just SC$240 on Global Poker.

Not long after Williams hit the rail, Vyacheslav Stoyanov four-bet shoved over the top of Chris Klodnicki with KSpade Suit2Spade Suit. Klodnicki had three-bet with AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit and made a quick call. The board ran out JDiamond Suit4Diamond Suit2Heart Suit6Spade Suit5Club Suit and Stoyanov made a pair of deuces to win the massive pot and surge into the lead.

“[Klodnicki] is a really great player. He put pressure on me a lot,” said Stoyanov after the event was all over. “That was probably an emotional all-in with K-2. I was just tired of this pressure he was putting on me, and I tried something new. He had A-Q and I just got lucky.”

Runner-up Chris KlodnickiAction really picked up during three-handed play. Peter Hengsukal ended up getting all-in as the shortest stack with 10Diamond Suit10Club Suit. Klodnicki woke up with ADiamond SuitAHeart Suit again and made the call. The aces held up and Hengsukal was knocked out in third place, earning $51,085.

With that Klodnicki chipped up to 9,100,000 while Stoyanov held 8,675,000. The two went into discussions regarding making a deal directly after they got down to heads up. The went over a number of options before deciding to do a chop of the remaining prize money based on the Independent Chip Model (ICM). Klodnicki would lock up $109,780, while Stoyanov would take home $108,480. The two agreed to flip for the title. Klodnicki got dealt a better than average hand in KClub Suit9Club Suit, but Stoyanov picked up a monster in KSpade SuitKHeart Suit. The kings held up on a 10Spade Suit8Diamond Suit4Heart SuitASpade SuitADiamond Suit runout and Stoyanov secured the title and the CPPT trophy.

Stoyanov earned 840 Card Player Player of the Year points as the champion. This was his first POY-qualified score of the year. Klodnicki earned 700 points as the runner up. With five final-table finishes and a title won earlier this year right here at the Bike, Klodnicki now sits in 40th place in the POY race standings, which are sponsored by Global Poker.

Here is a look at the payouts and POY points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Payout POY Points
1 Vyacheslav Stoyanov $108,480 840
2 Chris Klodnicki $109,780 700
3 Peter Hengsakul $51,085 560
4 Brendon Williams $39,680 420
5 Jim Collopy $32,195 350
6 Tarun Ravi $25,840 280
7 Nicky Komphouvong $20,315 210
8 Daniel Shea $15,565 140
9 Zaher Samaan $11,285 70