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Starting Hand Selection In Limit Deuce To Seven Dramaha

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Nov 20, 2019


The first two articles on Deuce to Seven (2-7) Dramaha have built the foundation and we are now ready to put together a set of opening requirements by position. And by opening we mean that you should come in for a raise. Limping only exposes the fact that you may not thrilled with your Draw holding and also allows the big blind a free look at smashing the Omaha half. As in all split-pot games, we must open tighter from early positions and with the nature of the importance on the Draw hand in 2-7 Dramaha we must be very selective. UTG Ten Low or Better 4.7% Good Jack Lows (Top 80%) 3.9% One Card Draw to Seven 2.3% One Card Draw to Eight 3.2% One Card Draw to Nine (Double Suited) 1.1% 15.3% HiJack Ten Low or Better 4.7% Good Jack Lows 3.9% One Card Draw to Seven 2.3% ...

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