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Contracts and Poker: Player Declarations

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Oct 23, 2019


When it is a player’s turn to act, she holds a chip vertically and taps it a couple of times on the top of a stack of chips. The dealer says, “Check.” The player protests, “Wait a minute. I didn’t intend to check, I was just playing with my chips!” The tournament director (TD) is called over for a ruling. What should the TD determine? My fellow columnist, The Dealer Chick (TDC), wrote a great column recently on the responsibility of players to keep the game moving, and the role of dealers in helping achieve that goal. She only slipped a bit when she referred to the World Series of Poker rules. TDC told us that “the rules say, in no uncertain terms, that players are expected to act in a way that keeps the game moving, including … checking by rapping their hand on the felt in a clear ...

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